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The NEPA Invitational's success is dependent on the active involvement of our incredible community. We firmly believe that together we can make a remarkable impact. Please see below to explore the exceptional sponsorship opportunities available and join us in supporting our mission.

Let's unite and make a difference! 

Your donation helps support the following causes:

1.  The Janet Weis Children's Hospital | Geisinger: As the designated beneficial charity for both the past two years, your donation directly benefits the Janet Weis Children's Hospital at Geisinger. By supporting this renowned medical institution, you play a crucial role in improving the lives of children and their families, providing them with the highest quality healthcare and specialized services they require.


2. The Scranton Area Community Foundation: By contributing to this foundation, your donation goes beyond golf and extends its reach to support local charitable organizations in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Your generosity helps make a positive impact in various areas of need within the community.


3. The Lawler Scholarship Fund: This fund is dedicated to benefiting deserving junior golfers in NEPA (Northeastern Pennsylvania), providing them with opportunities to pursue their passion and excel in the sport of golf.



  • Invitation to Friday evening tournament dinner 

  • Signature Table for Sponsor & guests

  • Recognition at the dinner as the NEPA Invitational Dinner Sponsor

  • Name on sponsor board 

  • NEPA Invitational Gift Bag


  • NEPA Invitational Gift

  • Name on the website

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